2021-07-16 Proqual's Process


ProQual's Proven Process.

There is tremendous value in knowing and evaluating what your team does that creates your success. When you analyze this and use that data to do more of what works and less of what doesn't, your company improves.

At ProQual we have a simple yet effective 6 step process:

  1. Really listen
    We find the construction industry can be a complicated place to get your vision exactly right. Often you can imagine or draw something that doesn't work the same in real life. Sometimes it can take a discussion by all parties to really nail down the exact right detail. We have found that when we really listen to what the clients vision is, we are able to determine where our unique skillsets create value. We then use this to assist our clients with the best path forward.
  2. Clarification and Price
    Price is almost always a concern. Most of our Leduc and greater Edmonton clients don't mind paying more if they are getting exactly what they want for the price they were quoted. We have found that, by clarifying and creating a price that is tied to an exact scope, we are able to give our clients this confidence. This ensures a fairly priced, correctly performed project that leads to happy customers.
  3. Scheduling
    Next we schedule. Scheduling can ultimately make or break a project. This is such an important item we have dedicated it to its own blog page.
  4. Communication
    We know the easiest way to avoid complications, create the perfect project, and leave a satisfied customer is to communicate clearly throughout the entire process with every detail. Our next level reporting includes pictures, relevant safety documentations, a description of what was done daily, a description of what we intend to do, schedule updates, cost and change order reporting, and all other relevant information. We send this to our subcontractors so they know what changes are made and can plan accordingly.. We send the report to our clients so they can track all items and ask questions about anything that seems off. We also send this report to external project managers, design teams, and our internal supervisors. Our project management software, Procore, keeps things in line and communicates all this to everyone with the click of a button. This reporting sets us apart from our competition and gives the most transparent projects possible. Nothing short of awesome.
  5. Safety and Insurance
    Proqual is a COR certified company that believes safety is everyone's responsibility. We understand that this starts from the top down. Our strict approach to safety saves countless dollars and hours. More importantly, it saves lives. All team members on our crew are most interested in saving a life or injury. We don't believe in doing paperwork just to cover our a**. We believe in living our safety and improving it every day. Of course things can still go wrong. When they do, we always make sure to have the correct insurances in place to protect all parties while providing financial relief for those most affected. find out more about our safety.
  6. Quality
    We are committed to meet or exceed customer expectations every time. If we don't, it is immediately fixed. we seldom have more than a few deficiencies at the end of a project and the deficiency list is always cleaned up within a few days. We all make mistakes but the client shouldn't have to live with ours. This goes back to our CORE value of accountability. More information on that can be found here.

We find that by using this 6 step process we constantly provide a service we can be proud of and always create lasting relationships that lead to many more projects. We love this because we love to see new and growing companies have everything they need in place to service their clients. That's what makes the world a better place and builds futures for everyone.

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