2021-07-16 Schedules and their impact on your project

Schedules, or more importantly, accuracy of schedules can be the determining factor of a successful project. Schedules can impact a project in many ways.

Accuracy of schedules can mean everything on a project. This can affect your project in 3 important ways.

  • Quality
  • Completion
  • Financially


Our properly coordinated schedules allow trades to come in at the correct time to maximize quality. Working with quality subs allows us to have the best feedback on what impacts will be seen from one to the next. Our overall understanding of the construction process combined with this feedback enables us to create a nearly perfect schedule. When things go smoothly, the trades are able to do a better job. With the addition of calm mindset, our trades are able to work together to solve issues without delaying a schedule.


You are moving out of your old lease at the end of the month and you need a place to move into. The benefit of a schedule- you can see how this is possible, and plan accordingly. We make this even better and send out daily updates of the schedule so you can follow along and be immediately aware of any delays. Often, you will be pleasantly surprised when you see we are tracking ahead of schedule. In one past case we weren't able to start until 2 weeks after our planned start date. We still finished 4 days early with no deficiencies when the client moved in. This was on an already tight 67 day schedule for a complete office build. This customer is now a customer for life. We are sure you will be too.


Everyone is concerned about the finances. The client needs to meet the budget. The subcontractor needs to make money, The general contractor needs to know that the management fee will be covered. This ties back to the completion date and the quality points above. When things go as planned, everyone is happy and time is covered in the bids. Without a proper schedule and regular updates, things can move around leading to inefficiencies. Ultimately, inefficiencies cost somebody. These costs can lead to poor quality, late completion, going over budget, or all of the above. We have performed over 200 projects with only a few going beyond our scheduled dates. Let us show you how easy planning for quality, budget, and an on time completion can be.

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