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At ProQual Innovation is in our name. We are always looking for innovative products to use and sell. Some of those products are featured here.

Rockglass Window Security System

Rockglass Window Security System

Impact Resistant Windows and Doors

ROCKGLASS is made from a proprietary blend of epoxies, high density polymers, high-impact polycarbonates, sodium oxide, and titanium-hard coating -- which produces a glass like shell for protection against regular buffs and scratches.

  • Up to 200x Stronger than ordinary glass
  • Virtually unbreakable
  • Shatter proof
  • Abrasion and Chemical Resistant
  • Easy to Clean (Graffiti removal)
  • ROCKGLASS can be retrofitted onto existing ordinary glass windows and doors quickly and easily.
  • Find more information on this product here. Unbreakable Windows

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