Experience & knowledge

Proqual Construction & Innovations Inc. is committed to maintaining buildings in top condition, with our seasoned teams proactively identifying and addressing issues early. Our rapid response unit intervenes swiftly to preempt complications, embodying our CORE values of quality and accountability, ensuring both cost savings and peace of mind for our clients.

We Fix and Replace

Quick Emergency Response

Understanding the high stakes of building envelope issues, Proqual Construction & Innovations Inc. maintains a rapid-response team, prepared to act swiftly and prevent costly damages. While immediate intervention may carry an initial premium, the long-term savings and protection it affords are undeniable.

Security Clearence

Feedback from property managers highlights tenant safety as a priority, which is why Proqual Construction & Innovations Inc. employs the same security-cleared crew for all sites, including the Edmonton International Airport. Our team is trained to work discreetly, ensuring tasks are completed efficiently with minimal disruption, whether outdoors or within private homes, embodying our commitment to respect and professionalism.

Breadth of Experience

Proqual Construction & Innovations Inc. ensures all our supervisors are well-versed in every construction discipline, providing a solid foundation of knowledge for any scenario encountered. This expertise not only facilitates swift emergency responses to prevent further damage but also optimizes project sequencing for efficient and accurate execution.

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